How to Perfectly Truss a Chicken

In this clip, ChefSteps shares the best way to truss a chicken.

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[MUSIC] No matter how you cook your chicken, you're probably gonna start by trussing it. So this is a traditionally trussed chicken. I know for me, traditionally I was taught truss a chicken like this, that way it cooks more evenly. But after all the years that I've been doing this, I've discovered that that's just not true. You can see the legs are tight against the carcass. So you're actually not getting heat where you want it. By the time these legs are done, this breast is going to be overcooked. It looks really pretty, but it's actually not that practical. We're going to show you a better way to truss a chicken. Here's how we truss our chickens. String goes right down the center of the back. Pull it forward in his little armpits. Cross it around the front. This is not what you would do traditionally. I cross the string in front of the breast. And the reason why I do that is, when you roast this guy. What's gonna happen is this skin's gonna start to shrink and pull up. And it's gonna overcook this breast. There's not gonna be any skin over it. And I want more crispy skin, evenly as possible all over my bird. So I'm gonna make sure it stays there, just like that. Pull this guy back, and then you cross them. You wanna make sure this goes under the crown here. Pull it nice and tight. Under the legs, come around the back of the legs here, and then I'm gonna cross it again. See he's starting to look all perky. So I'm actually wrapping around the knees of the bird. Flip him over. [MUSIC] Cross once, twice, three times, that way it doesn't slip. Tie it off for good measure. [MUSIC] That's our bird, he's nice and pretty. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Check it out. Cool, this guy's ready for roasting. [SOUND] Let's take a closer look inside. See this is what I was talking about earlier. So I tightened the skin of the front so that way I have these nice beautiful breasts that are just covered in golden skin. If you don't do that the skin starts to shrink and pull back and actually ends up over cooking the meat. The last thing that's important so I've got more skin here that's all crispy on the inside. And then this if I start to look into it and inspect it, you can see it's blond and soggy. Pretty fun! I was watching this video on how these chicken. I'm like, god, what am I gonna do? Have you ever made a Panzanella salad before? It's so good. Rawr, yummy. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Dig into this.
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How to Perfectly Truss a Chicken