How to Perfectly Toast Buns on the Grill

ChefSteps shares an easy method for toasting buns that delivers not only a crazy-crisp exterior, but also a soft, supple interior.

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[MUSIC] Hey. Okay okay okay. Hey, it's grilling season in Seattle. We're actually not in our office. You can tell. We kind of get kicked out of the market when we grill or make fire there. We're borrowing Alex and Jasmine's house. Thank you Alex and Jasmine. We're over here in their backyard in Central District. And we're gonna walk through some awesome grilling tips and tricks. There's a palm tree over there. Are you getting that palm tree? All right, let's be honest. Toasted buns that are nice and steamy and fresh on the inside are way better than just a plain one right out of the bag. When you're grilling you don't have to just settle for a nice toasty bun. It's gonna dry and crumbly on the outside. You can have that toasty bun that's supple and fresh as well. And what we do when we're toasting our buns on the grill, is we put the buns right on the grill, just as you normally would, and we get a nice wet rag. Put it next to them. The lid of the grill either goes on or you put a bowl over them if you're maybe grilling on the other side. All that's happening is Cuz the steam or moisture from that little rag is going to move and convect heat around the bun, making sure the inside is super supple and refreshed, while the bottom's getting nice and golden and toasty. All right, who wants a burger? Nick, Jasmine, come over here. Come take this one. [BLANK_AUDIO] So good. So tasty. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Perfectly Toast Buns on the Grill