How to Peel An Apple

Chef Sean Brock reveals a fast and easy way to peel an apple.

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[MUSIC] I'll show you a cool trick to peeling an apple. You take it like this. Cut the top so you have a flat surface. Cut the bottom and the top and hold it in your hand like this. Hold a small knife like this. Your thumb here, like that. So that that's the motion you're gonna do. And then you just start at the top and keeping the knife in one place, and I"m really taking my right hand and spinning the apple and just following the shape. But I'm actually applying a lot of pressure. With my left hand, because I'm left handed. With the knife hand, and I'm just slowly being very, very careful not to take too much of the fruit away. I'm just taking the peel away. I'm just taking my right hand and spinning. [SOUND] You get a beautifully peeled apple. [MUSIC]
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How to Peel An Apple