How To Mince Shallots

ChefSteps shows how to mince shallots.

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Here's how you mince shallot. Cut off a bit of the root. I cut off just a touch to get rid of any dirty bits on the board. Slice the shallot in half and peel off the paper. With root facing the back of your hand and the top facing the knife, cut the top off, start to make horizontal slices. Slice as thick as you want the mince to be thick. Make sure you don't slice into the back. You wanna keep that intact. Same thing vertically. Bunch it up, push your knuckles forward, and mince away. This is my favorite part cuz it goes fast. I just love it. Easy, fun. Here's how you mince a shallot. [MUSIC] It's serious. Okay?
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How To Mince Shallots