How to Make White Chocolate Candies

This is the easiest trick for turning white chocolate into fun shapes and bars. Decorate with dried fruit, nuts or colorful sprinkles.

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Homemade candies are super special, but they often require really fancy equipment to make them. I have a tip to teach you how to make them without any special equipment. [MUSIC] So, I've started by taking some white chocolate chips. And I've just melted them at full power in the microwave in 20 second intervals. You want it kind of like this consistency. [MUSIC] Go ahead and scrape all the white chocolate onto your parchment. My gosh. I kinda want to drink this. There we go. Make sure you get it all. And now I'm using an offset spatula. You can also use a table knife. You're just spread it into a quarter inch thick layer. Nice and easy. There we go. And now the best part. The best part is you get to customize your candies. So, because I love rainbow sprinkles, I'm going to decorate them with that. The higher you go the more even it is. It's okay if you spill some because then you can just eat them. Now you want to go ahead and let the sheet of white chocolate set in a cool part of the kitchen until it sets completely. The trick to turning this sheet of white chocolate into individual candies are cookie cutters. You just use the cutter to punch out the chocolate. I can't wait any longer. I think I deserve a little treat, so I'm going to go ahead and eat one of my little mad genius white chocolate candies [MUSIC] It's delicious, it's creamy, it's mad genius.
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How to Make White Chocolate Candies