How to Make the Ultimate Waffles

ChefSteps reveals the trick to making incredible crispy yeasted waffles.

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[MUSIC] I like waffles because they are crispy and light and delicious and typically full of lots of butter and syrup. Sometimes you can get like a pretty heavy kind of like gross waffle. And I want something lighter and crispier. We tried a bunch of different Types and settled on yeasted, just for flavor. Within about ten minutes of adding liquids to the dry mix the yeast comes alive and starts working, but if you let it hang out for an hour or even two ours, the yeast really wakes up and Gets really active. They're so crispy and delicious and seriously, you can eat four of these things without filling up. They're just, you pick it up, it's like it feels like air but it's so crispy. Yeah, I think honestly, I'm not boasting, but I think they're the best waffles I've had. [MUSIC] There you go bam waffle, check it out. [MUSIC] It's like lacy, delicious. That is what the inside of a waffle should look like. [MUSIC] Oh my God, do you hear that? Wow. [MUSIC]
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How to Make the Ultimate Waffles