How to Make the Ultimate Umami-Bomb Vegetarian Demi-Glace

ChefSteps shares how to make an unctuous, flavor-packed demi-glace that's wheat-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian.

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This is how to make beef demi-glace out of vegetables. You get a really beautiful, umami jus or demi that's nice and thick and it will stick to pasta, it will stick to mushrooms, it will stick to carrots, whatever you want to put it on. It's super quick to make and it's incredible. I prefer this over a traditional demi. A really straightforward process. You take a bunch of vegetables, shave them all, roast them in the oven. Take them out of the oven and then you kinda go about you would making a normal broth. So you add little of bit of water. Simmer it for an hour or two. Strain it, and thicken it. And the whole process takes about 60 minutes, maybe 90 minutes from start to finish. Let's get going. You pick a bunch of vegetables. You kinda wanna separate your vegetables into two categories, savory vegetables and sweet vegetables. Carrots and onions, very sugary, so don't use a lot of them, because by the time you make your sauce, you gonna have a syrup. Eggplant, broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, use loads of those. Super savory, lots of umami. Take all the vegetables, shave them nice and thin, I don't peel anything. I don't prep anything. I just slice it all, because it's going to get roasted so much. A lot of the times I want that skin flavor. I want the tannins, I want the depth. Then we add a little bit of tomato paste. That way you get some nice acidity. About that much. And then we add loads of kombu. You know, the seaweed that you get in miso soup? You don't have to add oil, but I'm going to add a little bit just cause it helps it not stick. I'm going to use my hands. I want to get that tomato paste really mixed up. This whole pan of veggies, probably like three pounds of veggies and it'll probably make about two or 300 grams really rich. A vegan demi-gloss. You want to roast it low and slow. So, we put it in a 300 degree oven for probably 40 minutes, 45 minutes. These are ready. You can tell by how dark they are. So it looks like it's kind of caramelized at first. You're going to be like, oh that's perfect. You actually want to take them almost to being burnt. Otherwise, you'll still have a a sweet sauce. You wanna get a little bit of those deep complex roasty flavors in there. So, at this point what you're gonna do is add water back to this. Pop it right back in the same oven. Let it hang out for probably another 30, 40 minutes. And you're gonna start to pull a lot of that beautiful rich flavor into the water. All this goes in a little strainer. It's almost ready. You just cook this down for another 27 minutes on the stove, til it's nice and reduced, til you have about half as much or so. But it'll still be thin. And from there you add pinch of pectin, pinch of xanthan if you want, and that's gonna give it that nice mouth feel, that stickiness. If you don't do that, if you don't thicken it, you'll end up with more flavorful, more concentrated but still thin vegetable juice. If you thicken it, you get this nice Sticky texture. So when you put it on pasta, put it on veggies, it will stick. Really [CROSSTALK] I think this whole cooking thing might work out for you, Grant. Yes. Like with all sharp things, don't slice your hands off. Dont' use them to slice your body parts. I don't think I've ever sliced meat with a mandolin, living or dead. Let's have fun with it. [SOUND] Little from the side. [MUSIC] Yes. [MUSIC]
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How to Make the Ultimate Umami-Bomb Vegetarian Demi-Glace