Fried Chicken That's Impossible to F*** Up

In this video, ChefSteps shares the foolproof way to make amazing fried chicken.

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Hot dang! [SOUND] Everybody loves fried chicken, but it can be a huge pain to make at home. We've got a way to get it perfectly cooked every time, way less messy, only takes a few minutes to fry. Yeah, I'm gonna show you, right now. All right, first things first, you got your chicken parts. Light meat and dark meat. Start with the dark meet, drumstick, thigh. Same thing with the other one. Here's what we're going to do. We are going to cook it sous-vide. We are going to pop our dark meat in. A little bit of salt. Same thing for the breast and the thighs [MUSIC] That salt we just added to the bag is gonna dissolve and is gonna turn into a brine. And it's going to start soaking into the meat as it cooks. In comes Jewel. Boink. Check this out. Look, it just sticks right there. If you haven't heard of Jewel, go to and get one. It's an amazing [UNKNOWN] tool. You'll be cooking incredible food in no time. I'm gonna open up the app, open up manual. Boop, boop, boop. We'll start, go. So you got your drums, thighs, a little bit of salt. These are ready to go. And the dark meats going to take three hours but I don't want to cook my breasts for three hours so what I am going to do is set a quick little timer. When the timer goes off I'm going to pop, [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] Let's get our breading going. You just want a high-protein flour. I recommend pastry flour or bread flour. We just use salt, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, pepper, I like lots of black pepper. Whatever spices you add, they're not gonna change how it fries. That all depends on the flour. High-protein, crunchier, crispier. Low-protein, softer, greasier. If you use cake flour, you'll have like doughnut on the outside. Maybe [UNKNOWN] that. [SOUND] Breasts are cooked to perfection. So here's what we're going to do, slice these bad boys right in half. Thighs cook for longer, so we got more juice coming out of them. Bet they're delicious. Meat's perfectly cooked, we're going to fry it because it's only going to take three minutes. Ready to rock? [SOUND] We're going to do flour first Buttermilk, buttermilk. So one dip back and forth. First guys going in. Whoo. All right, here's the question, how do I know when its done. You cooked the [UNKNOWN], you know it's perfectly cooked on the inside. All we're looking for here is where it looks really dark and golden. So, that looks like pretty light fried chicken, right? But it's cooked. We're going to go darker. For me, one of the beauties about this recipe is we're only frying for a couple of minutes which means less grease in the air. If we were doing the traditional technique we'd have to do it for 25, 35 minutes depending on what you were cooking it on. What do you think? So, I'm going to say it's done. Look how delicious it is! Mm, yummy is right. [SOUND] Oh my god. All right, clearly know how to make fried chicken now. Know how to make it perfectly cooked It's going to be cooked [INAUDIBLE], it's gonna make a lot less mess and it's gonna be perfect every time. Oh my god! It looks good! [MUSIC]
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Fried Chicken That's Impossible to F*** Up