How to Make Stuffed Grilled Cheese Like Andrew Zimmern

In this travel edition of Mad Genius Tips, star chef Andrew Zimmern shares his trick for a no-mess grilled cheese.

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[MUSIC] I'm Justin Chapple for Food and Wine's test kitchen and I'm at the Food and Wine classic in Aspen hitting up my favorite chefs for their mad genius tips. That is Mad Genius. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Andrew Zimmerman. Buddy. You go all over the world and I can't pronounce half the things you eat. Neither can I. But I hear that you make an epic grilled cheese Well it's the technique. I'm a dad, right, and my kid doesn't like crust on his grilled cheese sandwiches. But I don't have to bubble over the edges, so what I do is, I do soft bread, cheese, tomatoes, some cooked bacon, whatever, put another piece of bread on top. Use the back of a chef's knife, not the blade, cut the crust off, and it seals the white bread together, so you can pan fry it in butter or finish it in the toaster oven, for a healthier stuffed grilled cheese. What can I say, it's mad genius. [MUSIC] I can't wait to make Andrew Simmons epic grilled cheese. And because I love bacon and American cheese, that's what I'm going to stuff buying with. So starting with some right sandwich bread right on my board, take one slice of American cheese way right on top,. Then, go in with the bacon. Another slice of cheese. And I'm going to use a fork to seal my sandwich. I'm just going to cut off the crusts. And now what we're going to do is press the tines of a fork all along the edge, sealing it. And that's gonna hold in all that cheese and all that bacon, when it starts to melt, it's gonna be delicious, butter. We're gonna cook this for about three minutes until it's nice and golden. Aah, look at that. I can tell the cheese is starting to melt cuz the tops a little soft. Now the best part. [MUSIC] Thank you, Andrew. This is epic. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Make Stuffed Grilled Cheese Like Andrew Zimmern