How to Make Stuffed Banana S'Mores Like Gail Simmons

Watch F&W's Justin Chapple make Gail Simmons's gooey, chocolatey, stuffed banana s'mores.

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I'm Justin Chapel from Food and Wine test and I'm at the Food and Wine class hitting up my favorite chefs for their mad genius tips. That is mad genius. The beautiful Gale Simmons, hello. I know you love to entertain, I know you love to be outdoors, and I've got to ask, do you have a mad genius tip for me for mad genius cooking. You know what, Justin, I do. Here's what I love to make in the summer time because I love desert on the grill. I take a banana, peel back a panel, stuff it with marshmallows, chocolate chips wrap it in foil, throw it on the grill Instant banana s'mores. Oh my gosh, that is amazing and I cannot wait to get back to the test kitchen and try it myself. [MUSIC] I adore s'mores, and I cannot wait to try Gail Simmons' tips for making the banana version. And I have a trick for making it indoors all year round. Here's how you're gonna do it. Take a banana and peel off one panel of the peel. And peel it all the way to the end, but you wanna leave the peel connected. Then take a small teaspoon like this, and you're gonna scoop out about a quarter-inch of the banana. Just like that. You're gonna lay it on a piece of foil. We're gonna fill it with fluffy marshmallows, pile it right in there. Chocolate chips, I like to use mini but you can use regular. And because I love crunch, I'm gonna add some chopped pecans. Love filling my banana. Then take your banana peel and lay it right on top And then wrap the banana up tightly in foil. We have our awesome little banana boat. We're going to pop this in a 375 degree oven for about 10 minutes. I think my s'more is ready. [MUSIC] Here you go, the moment of truth. [MUSIC] It's melty and it's gooey, this is so exciting. And now, we get to dig in. [MUSIC] That is an amazing smore. And I didn't even need a campfire.
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How to Make Stuffed Banana S'Mores Like Gail Simmons