How to Make Salad Dressing Like Bobby Flay

The super chef explains how to make a fantastic, incredibly flavorful vinaigrette.

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[MUSIC] We're going to make a vinaigrette for this. You have a question. You can't raise your hand. It's like an auction. [LAUGH] You immediately get called on. Okay vinaigrette. Now we're making a lemon vinaigrette and how do you do that. Whenever you're making a vinaigrette with citrus juices you might think just put some lemon juice in there as opposed to vinegar. put some oil, maybe some other things in there, and blend it up. But that vinaigrette's going to be very loose. The lemon juice is just going to sort of seep out of the vinaigrette, and you're just going to have lemon and oil. And that would be fine, but we want real body to this vinaigrette. So, what we're going to do, is we're going to take the lemon juice A couple other ingredients. We have some shallots and some garlic and a little bit of honey. Okay, so we're gonna take lemon juice. Now if you were making an orange vinaigrette you would do the same thing. Into a sauce pan, pot. Put the shallots and garlic for flavor obviously. Okay and a little bit of honey, and this is gonna help form a syrup, you're gonna reduce this down. Does everybody know what the word reduce means in cooking? You bring it to a boil and you let it cook down, concentrates the flavor and it concentrates the volume of it, bring it to a boil, let this go down and it's gonna be very intense. As a matter of fact, it's gonna look like this. That amount of lemon juice is gonna look like this, so you can imagine, when you taste it. [BLANK_AUDIO] It's incredibly citrus-y. [LAUGH] But that's what you want, you want that. So we're gonna take this base For the vinaigrette. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, we're gonna make a vinaigrette in a blender. Does everybody here make their vinaigrettes in blenders now? Nobody. They're not just for pina coladas. Vinaigrettes are great in blenders cuz they emulsify. And get that the air whipping from the blades and you know it keeps it solid and it doesn't separate. It looks like you actually put some cream in it or something when in fact it's just the air. [BLANK_AUDIO] Do we have some oil? All right so we are going to blend up the base of this. On, puree, liquefy, good. I'm gonna slowly add the olive oil, and this is gonna emulsify and caramelize are the two buzzwords of the weekend. We're gonna emulsify the vinaigrette. [BLANK_AUDIO] How you doing? Our onions okay? How's the octopus? Okay. All right. So the vinaigrette's done. And the idea is to really get all the components done ahead of time, and then you can put the dish together at the end. Here's the key. You want to take the vinaigrette, you see how creamy it looks? You want to take the vinaigrette and put it over the octopus as soon as it comes off the grill, because as soon as it hits the hot octopus, you're going to smell the aroma of the lemon and the basil throughout the house, and that's what you want. And then, also The octopus is still porous, cuz it's still warm, and it's going to [LAUGH] You know what I'm saying? It's going to take the vinaigrette right into it. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Make Salad Dressing Like Bobby Flay