How to Make a Rusty Nail

Master mixologist Jim Meehan reveals how to make a Rusty Nail cocktail.

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[MUSIC] I'm going to make you a Rusty Nail. This is a cocktail that's got a really bad name, and that's because the original recipe for the Rusty Nail With scotch, usually a blended scotch and not the nicest one, and Drambuie in equal parts. Drambuie is scotch [UNKNOWN] liqueur is something that if you mix with equal pour portions with scotch, is gonna make a super sweet, kinda gross, desert cocktail. I'm gonna make it into a much more sophisticated drink that you can enjoy with your single malts. So, to being with, I'm gonna take a chilled mixing glass. And before I start mixing, I guess I should mention But when you're only mixing two ingredients and you're mixing with a malt, ice is something that matters so much. A cocktail, if you look at it elementally, is just glass, liquid, ice, and garnish. This cocktail, it has no garnish. And it's just a glass and ice and liquid. So we wanna make sure that we have A really cool, hefty, perfect, clear, old fashioned glass. We wanna be working with great ice. Here what I've done is taken a larger block of ice, and using this ice pick very carefully picked around it until I got a piece of ice that fits perfectly into my old fashioned glass. So that is all set to go. I'm gonna add Just a half an ounce of the drambuie. You'll notice that I have a chilled mixing glass so I can mix the coolest possible cocktail, and I have a Ross glass that has the big ice cube in it. That ice cube is not only gonna be the ice that I serve the final drink in, but it's gonna keep my glass cool before I pour the cold liquid in. So I've got a half an ounce of drambuie. I'm gonna add two ounces of one of my favorite malts. This one's a 12 year old. [BLANK_AUDIO] And unlike my chilled Old Fashioned glass with the ice, I'm gonna wait to ice till I start to mix the drink. This way I can sort of wait a little bit. As soon as I add ice to the drink and start mixing, the delusion occurs and I wanna be in complete control of the delusion here. Typically for those of you who are wondering whether you should shake or stir this drink, maybe you've had it shaken or stirred before. If the cocktail is composed exclusively of spiritless ingredients, you wanna stir. We're stirring here to maintain the clarity of it, to maintain the viscosity of it. If this had Citrus, cream or eggs in it. That's when I'd be shaking it. [SOUND] So as far as stirring this cocktail, I've got a strong malt and a sweet liqueur that I'm mixing together. So unlike some drinks where you want to stir for maybe ten or 12 seconds, this is a drink that I'm gonna give a long 20 second stir to integrate the two spirits together and to add the proper dilution. And my julep strainer and pour over your large cube. And there you have it, the rusty nail
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How to Make a Rusty Nail