How to Make Risotto Like Mario Batali

Star chef Mario Batali explains how to cook risotto like a pro.

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[SOUND] So, we're gonna add about a cup and a half of that and then we're gonna do the traditional risotto step, which is to say that we wanna just cover it. The reason that you cook risotto in this way is that you want it to be almost on the edge of that evaporative point where the grain is now sucking for air at the very top of it. And what that does is that gives it. That ability to pull in more, it becomes more porous and it absorbs more of that flavor, more of that liquid. It will also go over that way, so you have to be very careful because as you're doing this, it has a tendency if you're not careful at the end to leave too much liquid in there and then you feel you have to cook it out to get the right texture. So it's better to have a little too little. Then a little too much. Because by the time it's absolutely perfect, you gotta take it off the heat or you'll destroy it. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Make Risotto Like Mario Batali