How to Make Perfect Simple Syrup

Pastry chef Sebastien Rouxel demonstrates how to make the perfect simple syrup.

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[MUSIC] First we need to make a syrup. Syrup is simple water and sugar. Going to take it, pour it in a pot that we have right here. With the sugar The water, the amount of water that we need in the syrups varies with the amount of sugar, that's kind of the rules we have. Now we're gonna start the flame, we need to start the sugar on high High flames. [BLANK_AUDIO] The reason why, if we go too slow, the sugar is going to crystallize. [BLANK_AUDIO] And one of the things that drives me nuts is when people have a small pot on a stove, and then the flames are going on the outside, because doesn't do anything. You got to keep the flame under all the pot. [MUSIC]
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How to Make Perfect Simple Syrup