How to Make the Perfect Daiquiri

Mixologist Dave Arnold demonstrates how to make the perfect frozen daiquiri. Hint: It has to do with the amount of water involved.

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[MUSIC] I am Dave Arnold from Booker & Dax, here with FWX labs and I am doing a recipe for frozen daiquiri. Daiquiri from my book Liquid Intelligence. And the great thing about this recipe is almost anyone can make it if you have a freezer in your house. And most of us do, let's just start. So this is fundamentally a classic daiquiri recipe. I'm gonna make two because you can't really just make one this way. So it's gonna be four ounces of white rum. One, that's two actually. Four, then I'm going to add about an ounce and a half of simple syrup and about one and three-quarters or a little more of lime juice. Now this is not quite the ratio I use when I'm doing a regular shaken daiquiri. Like you have to change the ratios a little bit when you're making something in a freezer Here's something that you might not see in daiquiri recipe, but you should really add. This is just one, two, three, four drops of salt water. At home just use a pinch of salt. The salt really brightens it up. Now here is the key to getting this thing right. And the reason why most people can't make a frozen drink properly, is because they don't add enough water. So I'm gonna add two ounce measures of four ounces. Of filtered water. Please do not use regular tap water. If it's got chlorine in it it's just gonna ruin everything. If you were to taste this right now it would taste weak. What we're counting on is for some of that water to freeze back out in the form of ice crystals in a slushy in your freezer and that's what's gonna make it perfect. So get a Ziploc bag. Put the bag down on the table, and it goes. Now, here's a little trick. Seal all the way, almost all the way up the bag, like this, so you have it like this. Lay it flat on your table, and you see all of the air wants to get out. And then, bang. And that's good enough. And so you take this, and you're gonna lay it flat in your freezer. And you're gonna let it freeze probably overnight. You can really keep it in there for awhile, but the lime juice won't be quite as good. And so let's go put this in the freezer and go see what happens. [MUSIC] All right, so we got it out of our freezer, and you can see the texture of it. It's firm. And we're gonna blend it just a little bit, but this is exactly how you want it. Now to do this your fridge needs to be somewhere between four Fahrenheit and about zero which is where most of your freezers are. The great thing about freezing in a freezer is it creates a very nice plate like crystal structure in the drink, so much more pleasant than a standard blender drink. That's all you need. It differentiates between a slushy and a drink that you make as a regular blender drink. A slushy has a different kind of a crystal structure to it because it's frozen that way. And remember the key to this recipe is water management, don't try to skimp on the water. And there you have it. Frozen daiquiris. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Make the Perfect Daiquiri