How to Make the Perfect Cocktail

How to make the perfect cocktail with Colin Field of Bar Hemingway at the Ritz Paris.

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[MUSIC] Hello my name is Colin Field. I am the head bartender at Of the Hotel Ritz, and have been since 1994. Today I'm going to show you one of our specialities, it's the Ritz Sidecar. I'm going to use the Ritz Cognac. I'm going to put a few drops into my shaker, add Cointreau from d'Anjou which is a beautiful triple sec clear A few drops of lemon juice, freshly pressed. [SOUND] Shake. [SOUND] And listen. [SOUND] Here we go, my glasses are It was in minus 18.3 degrees in crystal. And it remains for me to see if I have dosed this cocktail perfectly. Yes. Ladies and gentlemen, the sidecar cocktail. [MUSIC] Yes! Done.
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How to Make the Perfect Cocktail