How to Make Pebble Ice

Mixologist Jim Meehan demonstrates how to make perfectly crushed ice.

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[MUSIC] First and foremost here we have pebble ice, what we use in my bar to make tulips. It's hard to get your hands on this so I am going to show you what to do. Here we have a wood hammer for nailing in wood nails into a floor and basically a coin sack. I'm gonna fill my coin sack with cubed ice. Ideally you want really nice cold, dry ice. Because what we're gonna be looking for is really fine powdery ice for our julep. Get it all the way to the bottom. Wrap it up so none of it flies out. [SOUND] And you're going to start breaking it up, being very careful to keep your hands away from the ice. [MUSIC] Alright, so that should hopefully be good.
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How to Make Pebble Ice