How to Make No-Knead Bread

Mark Bittman and Jim Leahy demonstrate how to make no-knead bread at Sullivan St. Bakery in New York.

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[MUSIC] I'm Mark Bittman. I'm here with my friend Jim Lahey. Hi there. Good to see you, bud, [UNKNOWN]. I just published How to Bake Everything. Now you're an expert at making bread. One of the most asked about recipes. To piece of my career is actually your recipe not mine and no-knead bread, many people do have become obsessed cuz it's easy but it's impossible. [MUSIC] But I usually do this, I we this and I put Saran wrap on it. Okay, is that your trick? Yeah, [CROSSTALK]. And then it sits overnight. This is the physically hardest part is this part, right? What we're about to do. This is gonna be where people choke? Well, where people have trouble because It's not that easy. Yeah, yeah okay I buy that. It's one blob. It didn't fall apart. Good, good, good, good, good. And then this is my best Jim Lahey imitation. [MUSIC] That's great ,that 's perfect. I typically would shape it and then put it onto the towel. Show me. So I'm just going to scrape down the edges to help the dough detach. Wow. Fold it over, fold it over. Turn it, fold it over and that's it. Very little touching. You got that right? This is like magic. And then place it there, and then walk away. [MUSIC] That sounds really great. Ow. Do you hear that? Yeah. [MUSIC] [NOISE] But as you can see, it's a nice good overture. You know, good firm structure, great for catching some of that olive oil or some of that butter and stuff, you know? But it's also, it's wholesome. When you eat this bread you think, damn, this is wholesome! That's right. Jacques Pepin used to say a recipe is like a river, you can't put your foot in the same place twice. It's a very, how to cook everything attitude, actually. [MUSIC]
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How to Make No-Knead Bread