How to Make Milk Punch

Here's how to make an extremely simple holiday cocktail.

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[MUSIC] So this is our version of holiday cheer. Yeah most people they know egg nog, but they are unaware of milk punch. Which we think is even more delicious then eggnog, not as hard to make, and you can keep it in your freezer and be ready all holiday season long in case someone drops by or you have a quick party. So we're gonna teach you how to make it. For the milk punch, you'll need whole milk, half and half, urban whiskey or brandy, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and ground nutmeg. We're gonna make our holiday milk punch, which is, this is money in the bank or money in the freezer. It's so simple to make. It's so easy to store. And we are just, we make it in a big jar and we use confectioner's sugar for the sugar to add sweetness. And the great thing about that is it dissolves so easily. I'm fighting on this. You are fighting me on that. I know. I wanna get this big glob. Well, let's just get it like that. Milk punch is pretty much what What it says it is. It's wholesome. It's very wholesome. Very, very wholesome, so you have a. Good for children, no it's not, no it's not. [LAUGH] Milk punch is, it's four cups of whole milk and a cup of half and half so it's not that rich, and then And then sweetened with powdered sugar. Yeah. And flavored with vanilla bean paste, our favorite. Yeah, it could be just vanilla. And then the kicker, of course, is the bourbon. Yeah. The whiskey. Yeah, and now I'm just gonna add I'm gonna stir when you do that. I'm just gonna add that. This is a little bit messy, but it doesn't matter. Go ahead. Yeah. This is not a two person job. No, clearly this is not a two person job. Two people drinking it, but one person making it. All right. So, you have that, and then I', just gonna add it as it lifts up, so you're gonna add about a cup of half & half, and then you're gonna add a cup and a half of bourbon. Now you can add brandy. We could add whiskey. You, but you could also add bourbon. And bourbon is great is because it's so sweet. You know, that's. Mm-hm. The lovely thing is. And all this alcohol. Well we'll give it a little more. [LAUGH] This is so good. Yeah. That's not, It's not very alcoholic this because you can see how many drinks you'll get out of it. A table spoon of vanilla and then a lot of freshly grated nutmeg. After, right? All right. Now, I think that's ready, ready to go in the freezer where it's going to live until it gets icy cold. And the water in it, or the water and the milk, Will freeze and you'll get icicles, ice shards in there. And we stir it, we give it a stir every once in a while so it becomes slushy, icy and slushy Yes. But the alcohol in it will keep it from freezing into a solid block. So now it's going to go in there So usually we'll make a picture of this in the morning and by evening- [LAUGH] It'll be gone! [LAUGH] No. And if it's not [LAUGH] No, we will make Several of these if we're having a big party but we do just keep one in there, because its' so much fun when someone comes. Its a festive drink. So, let's put it in and then we'll come back when it's frozen. Well I think it's after five o'clock. Oh gosh, and that's been in there long enough to be frozen. Let's see what the...>>Okay, it should be nice and slushy by now. ....milk punch is up to in here. All right, well, Have the glasses ready? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] No matter what. No matter what. You've got to drink it. Okay. All right, good. Oh, it just looks like the great, great consistency. Frosty. You've been in there poking it, haven't you? I have! All right, there. Wow. Alright, what we'll do. We'll be a little delicate. You are being delicate. I mean, what we would do, is if we were having a party, we'd pour it right into this big pitcher. But if it's just as at the canal [LAUGH], we're just family style. So, we'll just take it out. And then, Should I do more? No, that's all right. That is just a little taste. No, this is a little taste and gosh it's practically like a little meal. And now I'm just going to put a little nutmeg, freshly grated nutmeg on top. Oh, I smell that nutmeg. There's so many great smells of the holiday. That's all about the spices. Yeah. And we're, sort of, herb centric. And, so. And I adore eggnog, but, as you do. Yes. This is more refreshing. It is because of the ice. And it's really something I don't think most people are familiar with this as they are with egg nog. And look at how simple it is for us to make it. All right, cheers, let's taste our fine work. [BLANK_AUDIO] Mm. Yeah, that's delicious. All that, Iciness [LAUGH]. It's like being outside, and having. It's like eating snow. That's so great. And it's warm so you [INAUDIBLE]. This is winter in a glass. Winter in a glass. Make it for your holidays. Happy holidays. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Make Milk Punch