How to Make Italian Food Like Mario Batali

The star chef explains the secret to making regional dishes taste truly Italian.

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[NOISE] The dish's provenance is where the ingredients should be from. So if you're making a dish from Emilio Romanio, you use parmesan or reggiano. If you're making a dish from where pecorino is, then you would use pecorino romano. But that's it, every different cheese has its town, and quite beautifully organized for the Emilio Romanio people. Parmigiano and Reggiano is kind of the cheese of luxury and it will be in everyone's refrigerator and they may use it on anything at any time, all the time. That said, if they're making a traditional dish to their region they want to find something as local as possible. When Italians talk about what makes the food of their town great, it's because they're celebrating the way that wind smells on a Thursday afternoon in September where they were born. And if you can find that in your hometown. That's what's gonna make your food taste more Italian than even the food that you're gonna eat in an Italian restaurant. And that's what you're really looking for. You're looking for the geo-specific catch, the special thing that your town may have, whether it's an apple, or a kind of salt, or the corn that you get at whatever time it is. Try to find those things, because those are the ultimate expression of the Earth at its perfect time. And that's what Italian cooking's all about.
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How to Make Italian Food Like Mario Batali