How to Make Instant Ramen

Here’s how to make healthy instant ramen in a jar that you can flavor and season to your liking. Take it to work or school as the ultimate brown bag lunch and add hot water when you’re ready to eat it.

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Growing up I loved noodle cups. I still love them so much that I wanted to create a version that's customizable. I want a version that I can add spinach to or chicken to or even mushrooms. And I definitely want it to be portable. [MUSIC] It all starts with a heat proof glass jar like this one. And give it a ton of flavor. I'm gonna start with some white miso. I'm gonna add a little soy sauce. And some water. You're just gonna give that a nice whisk. Just like that. And then I'm going to take a half of a packet of instant ramen noodles. Break it up, and add it right to the jar. Then I'm just going to add some of my favorite ingredients. So I've got some baby spinach, some thinly sliced shiitake mushrooms, and some roasted chicken. Then I'm going to take a thin slice of lime I'm going to put it on top. Now here' the best part I could put the lid on it now and I could carry this to work or I could carry this to school and it'll hang out all day and when you're ready to eat it just add some boiling water. You're going to close the lid. [MUSIC] Give it a little shake. Get all those ingredients mixed up, and then you're gonna let this hang out for five minutes. [BLANK_AUDIO] [LAUGH] My noodles have been cooking for five minutes, I think they're ready. I'm gonna go ahead and take the lid off. [MUSIC] Check this out. Got my noodles, got my spinach, got my chicken. It's healthy, it's fresh, it's the, The ultimate DIY noodle jar, and this is mad genius. [MUSIC]
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How to Make Instant Ramen