How To Make with Ian Knauer: Pork Fried Rice

Chef Ian Knauer demonstrates how to make one of his favorite recipes: Pork Fried Rice

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Hi, I'm Ian Knauer, and today I'm going to show you how to make pork fried rice. [MUSIC] This is one of my all time favorite dishes. I love it for breakfast with a fried egg, for dinner, and the leftovers are the best thing The whole world. To start out, I want a big skillet. Now, if you have a wok at home, this is the time to use it. Start out by melting some shortening. While this melts, let me tell you about this power ingredient. This is called char su. That's barbecued Chinese pork. It's what you find hanging in Chinatown in the windows next to the ducks. This stuff is delicious. It's already cooked. You can eat it just the way it is. But it's cooked for a long time so it's really tender. And it's got a glaze that's sort of sweet and sour on top. [SOUND] So I'm gonna give this a minute, maybe two, to get some crispy edges. And then I'll add all my veggies at once. Now, you can use whichever vegetables you happen to have in your refrigerator. [SOUND] But while I wait for the veggies to cook, I'm gonna beat up four eggs. [BLANK_AUDIO] Basically making scrambled eggs here. When my veggies are nice and tender, just gonna pour this in and give it a quick stir. This is the stirring part of the stir fry. And just when these eggs are set, I'm going to add my rice. Now there's an important tip here. You cannot do this dish with hot rice. You need to cook this ahead and keep it in your fridge. Make sure that everything is mixed up. And then I'm just going to give this a minute to sit here, because I want that rice to fry. And all the fat that's in this pan. I'm going to add a mixture of soy sauce mixed together with rice-wine vinegar and a little of Asian sesame oil. In that is a quarter teaspoon of sugar, pour that in, and then I'm gonna add two thinly sliced scallions. You just wanna make sure that everything's combined. And I've got some stickage on the bottom of my pan, which is actually a really good thing. That means that I'm gonna have crispy edges of rice which is my favorite part of this dish. Okay scoop some of this in here. Probably the best part about this recipe is that it leaves with you some leftovers. Cold Chines food is the best leftover in the world. Garnish this with a little bit of pickled ginger and of course some more barbecued pork. Nice thick slices of it. That's it. Really it takes a couple of minutes to throw together, uses whatever veggies you have in your fridge. Delicious pork fried rice. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How To Make with Ian Knauer: Pork Fried Rice