How To Make with Ian Knauer: Guacamole

Chef Ian Knauer demonstrates how to make his crowd-pleasing guacamole.

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[SOUND] Hi, I'm Ian Knauer, and I'm going to show you how to make, a not quite traditional, but super flavorful guacamole. [MUSIC] Every party I go to, the guacamole disappears in the first 10 minutes, so this is a recipe that you need to have in your repertoire. We're going to start out with some toasted cumin seed and grind it to a fine powder. This is not a traditional, Traditional ingredient in guacamole. But this is going to add a toastiness sort of reminiscent of taco seasoning which is, of course, delicious. Now I'm going to start out with five avocados but I'm going to mash half of them. Then later we'll add the second half of avocados and will be a little chunkier. Now if you were making this in Mexico, you would have A huge mortar and pestle in your kitchen. It's called a [UNKNOWN]. And mash away, and you end up with very fine guacamole. Okay, so I've got half my avocados in here. I'm gonna just mash them up. [SOUND] Now I'm gonna add some onion. And I want a pretty decent sized dice here, about a quarter of an inch. That way I get a little crunch. And now, I'm going to add some hot chili. This is a jalapeno, if you have a serrano, that works. If you really like heat, you can use a habanero. Just be sure that you warn your friends. And I'm gonna finally dice this. I can smell it. This is a spice [NOISE] Okay, so I am huge a garlic fan. This is also not traditional but because I like it so much I'm gonna throw it in there. Now I'm going to add some acid, I have a lemon here. You could use a lime if you wanted to, I'm going to add some cilantro. Save a little cilantro for your garnish too, it's pretty on top. Now I'm going to add the rest of my avocados. Going for big chunks this time. Big pinch of salt. Final step, just going to fold this all together, put it right into a pretty bowl, [MUSIC] And of course, don't forget the chips. [SOUND] Mm, this is delicious. You got a simple, quick, delicious guacamole. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How To Make with Ian Knauer: Guacamole