How To Make with Ian Knauer: Bahn Mi

Chef Ian Knauer demonstrates his take on the classic Vietnamese bahn mi.

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[SOUND] I'm Ian Knauer, and I'm gonna show you how to make a quick banh mi sandwich. [MUSIC] Now a banh mi, also called a Vietnamese sandwich, usually has two different kinds of meat in it. There's a liver pate and there's something called head cheese. Now there's no cheese in a head cheese, but there is a head, a whole pig's head. Chances are, You dont' have that laying around in your refrigerator but you probably have access to a pork tenderloin. So we're gonna soup up a pork tenderloin and use that instead. Now I've taken my pork tenderloin and I've cut it in very thin slices on the diagonal. Gonna make my marinade by blending together six scallion whites. This is the white and pale green part. Two garlic cloves along with a quarter cup of fish sauce, tablespoon of honey and finally two tablespoons of sugar. The thing that I like about this sauce is that it's a simple version of what's called a nookbom, that's a Vietnamese sauce it has fish sauce, sometimes lime juice and chilis in it. [NOISE] This marinade get poured on right on the pork. And that chills for two to four hours. I've already done some in advance. I've skewered them on the skewers and given them a quick grilling just one to two minutes per side. What I end up with is a super flavorful really lean version of the meat that goes in a bun Now we just need to assemble the sandwich. Start with about a six to eight inch piece of baguette and I'm going to put some hoisin sauce on that. Hoisin is s ort of like an Asian barbecue. It's sweet, spicy, a little sour. This sandwich is a true fusion food It comes from the French influence in Vietnam. Which is how you get the baguette. But you also have those flavors like fish sauce and cilantro, which are very southeast Asian. Little bit of siracha sauce. Everybody's favorite garlic chili sauce. Siracha has basically replaced ketchup in my house. Now here comes the fun part. I'm going to take some of these skewers Squeeze them into the bread and just pull it right out. So, the meat's in there, the skewer's out. We're gonna add some seedless cucumbers and top it off with some fresh cilantro. If you like chilis, you can throw in some slices of jalapeno too. This is gonna be a perfect lunch. [MUSIC] Mm. There we go. A really fast take on a bahn mi. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How To Make with Ian Knauer: Bahn Mi