How to Make a Healthy Onion Condiment

ChefSteps shares an easy technique for healthy onion purée.

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Cream is amazing at building flavor and richness, but sometimes dairy fat gets in the way of building real bright flavors. To get around that we make a really light velvety smooth onion puree. In order to make it we takes some onions, whole sweet onions usually, coat them with a little bit of oil, put them in a pan and roast them in the oven about 400 degrees farenheit or 200 degrees celsius for about 45 minutes. Basically want to roast them until they're nice and dark on the outside and they're super, super soft and molten on the inside of the onion. Take out the inside of the onion, you put it in a blender with a little bit of lemon, salt, olive oil, and you just blend the heck out of it until it's velvety smooth. From there, you want to use it just as you would normally for cream for finishing a sauce, dish, risotto. Something like that. And if you make a bunch extra you can just keep it in your fridge and just use it whenever you want. [MUSIC] What's that? Is it tasty? Is it tasty? Is it? Karen's eating a bowl of it right now.
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How to Make a Healthy Onion Condiment