How to Make Frosé in 20 Minutes

Food & Wine Mad Genius Justin Chapple has a tip for making on-demand pink wine slushies with an ice cream machine.

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Frose is the chillest way to get your rose fixed and I'm gonna show you how to make the easiest version ever. [MUSIC] Frose is all over the place and everyone has their own way of making it. At restaurants, they tend to use slurpee machines but some people at home like to pour it into ice cube trays, freeze them, and then pulverize those in the blender. But I've got a secret and all you need is an ice cream Ice cream maker. All you're gonna do is switch on your ice cream maker, and you're literally just going to pour the bottle of wine right into the ice cream maker. Yes, a whole entire bottle. [MUSIC] Because mama is thirsty. [MUSIC] And this is totally optional, but I like to add a little simple syrup. About a quarter cup, just to give it a little sweetness. But of course, if you are sensitive to that, just leave it out. All right, this is going to go for about 20 minutes, and then we will have ourselves an icy beverage. I think it's ready. My gosh, look at that. This twenty minutes ago was just wine. It was just a bottle of rose. Now I'm gonna put it into this nice frosty glass. I mean come on! What get's better than a chilled icy glass of Frozette, cheers! Its's nice and cold. Frozie frozie frozie!
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How to Make Frosé in 20 Minutes