How to Make Egg Salad Like Jamie Bissonnette

In this travel edition of Mad Genius Tips, star chef Jamie Bissonnette shares his trick for cutting a dozen eggs in under a minute.

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[MUSIC] I'm Justin Chapple from Food & Wine's Test Kitchen and I'm at the Food & Wine class in Aspen, hitting up my favorite chef's for their mad genius tips. That is mad genius. [MUSIC] Jamie Bissonnette, I can't even believe this. I know I'm catching you on the way to breakfast, but I've got to ask. I need a mad genius tip for some eggs. Oh awesome. Eggs are my favorite thing to cook. I love making egg salad, but I hate dicing them. So after I peel a bunch of hard boiled eggs, I take a wire baking rack and I press them through so they're done wicked quick. That is wicked mad genius, I can not wait to try it out. Thanks to Jamie Bisonette, I can chop a ton of eggs. Really quickly. Check this out. I've taken a cooling rack, sometimes called a baking rack, and I've laid it on top of a mixing bowl. What I'm gonna do is take my hard boiled egg, put it on top of the rack. And then I'm gonna take a small plate, you can also use the palm of your hand. [MUSIC] And I'm going to press it right through the rack. Take another egg, do the exact same thing. This is crazy. Look how fast I'm doing this. Is anybody timing me? [MUSIC] Take your rack off. Look at that. I've chopped a dozen eggs in less than a minute. And now I'm going to make an incredible egg salad. All I've got to do Let's add some mayonnaise, mustard and some vinegar, salt and pepper [MUSIC] Give it a quick little mix And now. [MUSIC] And it's delicious. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Make Egg Salad Like Jamie Bissonnette