How to Make an Edible Emoji Egg

Watch this video from ChefSteps for the trick to making edible emoji eggs.

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Have you ever wanted to cook a perfect looking egg that looked just like a cartoon? Take that, emoji. All you need is a non stick pan, butter, eggs, and a little patience. Here's how to do it. Make this fried egg by getting a pan warm first. I prefer non stick pans so I don't have to deal with an egg that sticks to it at the end. Get it on my lowest heat possible. Should feel warm but it doesn't hurt me. Just need a little bit of butter. Should just slowly melt, if you hear any sizzling noises then it means your pan's to hot. I like to wipe it so you have a nice even layer, you don't need to much fat in your pan. In goes the egg, nailed it. All right, the process should only take four to five minutes. [MUSIC] On the bottom the white should go from a clear, to a cloudy, to a white. That way you know it's slowly cooking upwards. People cook eggs at hotter temperatures in a pan. You notice that the white will start to bubble. Or you'll notice that this one is just at the very edges Because you'll see a little bit of the bubble and that's okay. One of my favorite things about cooking eggs this way, is in the morning, you just woke up. You don't need to stand here watching it. What's nice about this is you can go do other things in the morning. You can get ready, get your coffee going. You can sear up some sausages. You can walk away from this. Here we go, this guy's looking perfect. We did it. [MUSIC] Choose how to cook for someone the morning after your tender date. So when you text her to send that little egg emoji, she's gonna come running. [MUSIC]
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How to Make an Edible Emoji Egg