How to Make Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Justin Chapple, Food & Wine Deputy Test Kitchen Editor, is back this week with another killer Mad Genius Tip—an ice cream cake made of store-bought ice cream sandwiches, that requires just minutes of prep time.

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Guess what this cake is made of? Ice cream sandwiches. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] I love classic ice cream sandwiches. There is something so nostalgic about them. When you layer them with butter cream frosting, you get this ultimate DIY ice cream Cream cake. I'm gonna start by spreading a little bit of buttercream onto a chilled plate. And this is just gonna help the first layer of ice cream sandwiches stick, kind of hold them in place there. And then you're gonna create your first layer here. It's gonna be three sandwiches. You're going to be amazed at how quickly this comes together. Go ahead and spread a nice even layer. When you do your 2nd layer of ice cream sandwiches you want to put them in the opposite direction so you get a really cool looking slice. And it holds it's shape much better this way. Here we go. Layer number two. And then go in with some more butter cream. Go, I've got four beautiful layers. But I want to put on a crumb Which is gonna help it all hold together, so you'll do a thin layer of butter cream all the way around. And you're gonna pop it in the freezer until it's firm. [MUSIC] All right, you can see everything's set, and I'm gonna go ahead and frost the whole thing, and I'm gonna cover it with sprinkles. I think that's perfect. It's going back in the freezer to get nice and firm then we get to enjoy it. Tada. Look at this cake. I cannot wait to cut into it so I'm gonna go ahead and do a nice and big slice for myself. Look at that. [MUSIC] Just as I promised, it is packed with ice cream sandwiches. [LAUGH]
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How to Make Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake