How to Make Easy Baked Pasta

No time (or patience) to boil pasta? No problem. This genius hack for easy baked pasta skips the stove-top step and allows you to drop dry pasta right into the pan with sauce, cheese—and even meatballs.

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I have a tip that's going to teach you how to make a pasta dish without even boiling water. (music) So, I'm going to start by layering my noodles in a large baking dish, I mean look at that, they're loud because they're dry, they're not boiled. And because I love meatballs, I'm going to add a few of those. So I'll put half of those on top of the noodles. Just like that. And then I'm gonna scatter on some mozzarella that I've torn into large chunks. Very important part is we're gonna add some marinara sauce and we're gonna repeat the layering. Just like that. [MUSIC] There we go. This looks great already. And the secret ingredient, believe it or not, is just water. We're just going to add two and a half cups. And then take a large piece of foil, and cover it nice and tight. [SOUND] Just like that. Now I'm gonna pop this in a 400 degree oven for just about an hour. Look at this pasta! My gosh, it looks so good. It's bubbling, it's hot, and I broiled it for about two minutes, and I got this beautiful crust on top. I'm gonna take the biggest spoon I can possibly find, cuz I wanna eat a lot of that. [MUSIC] Yeah, look at that. It's hot, the cheese is melted, look at that. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Make Easy Baked Pasta