How to Make Creamy Riced Potatoes

F&W Test Kitchen whiz Justin Chapple demos a genius trick for making creamy riced potatoes.

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[MUSIC] I'm Justin Chapple from Food and Wine's test kitchen. Join me as I demonstrate mad genius tips. Mash Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food, but more often than not people overwork them. Because what they do is they add the butter at the end and then they stir or they mix or they use a hand mixer. Next thing you know the potatoes are gluey and sticky and really unappetizing. But I've got a mad genius tip. We're using this. It's a potato ricer. We're gonna use this to make the best ever mashed potatoes. So what we're going to do is hold our ricer over a bowl and scoop your potatoes into the ricer. But instead of ricing them now, we're going to add a beautiful, decadent piece of butter, and watch this. All that butter, instead of having to work in later, it's going to mix in now. And let's go again, add another spoon full and another pat of butter. Oh my goodness look at these potatoes, you can add a little bit of milk or cream, so salt and pepper, [MUSIC] Just gonna gently fold them over themselves. That was no work at all because the butter's already integrated into the potatoes. Let's take a bite. [MUSIC] They literally melt in your mouth. The creamiest mashed potatoes ever. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Make Creamy Riced Potatoes