How to Make Crab Cakes

Watch this demo to see how to make perfectly shaped crab cakes for a crowd that won’t fall apart while cooking, and don’t rely on too much filler.

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If you love crab cakes then you know the best ones are packed with crab and they have very little filler. Well I have an idea for making the best, easiest crab cakes and not one of them is gonna fall apart. And it uses one of my favorite kitchen tools, the muffin pan. [MUSIC] What we're gonna do is we're gonna take our crab cake mixture here, and we're just going to scoop it right into the cups of muffin tin. And go ahead and fill the rest of your cups. Just like this. Then we're just gonna take a spoon and just gie them a very light pat. You don't wanna press them too hard because you'll break up the crab. You just wanna give them a nice shape [NOISE] Okay. Now. I'm going to pop these crab cakes in the freezer for 15 minutes, The little bit of time that these cakes are in the freezer, they got just firm enough that they're going to be really easy to handle. Here's how I unmold them. I take a rimmed baking sheet, I'm going to flip it. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Ho ho! Look at these perfect crab cakes. Now I'm just gonna dip them in a little egg. This is gonna give me an awesome crust. Look how easy this is. They're not falling apart, I'm not having to fish grab out of my breadcrumbs Now, I'm gonna go ahead and bread the rest of my crab cakes and then at that point they ready to cooks. So you can need the pan fry them or you can bake in the oven. And they're gonna be delicious. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Make Crab Cakes