How to Make Cheese Crisps Like Richard Blais

F&W's Justin Chapple demonstrates how to make fast and easy cheese crisps in the microwave like chef Richard Blais.

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[MUSIC] I'm Justin Chapple from Food and Wine's Test Kitchen and I'm at the Food and Wine classic in Aspen, hitting on my favorite chefs for their MAd Genius Tips. That is Mad Genius. [MUSIC] I'm here with Richard Blaze top chef All Stars Champion at the Food and Wine classic in Aspen. You are known for having incredible tips. Using high tech gear. But what I wanna know is do you have a mad genius tip using something everybody has at home, let's say like a microwave. I do, the microwave is molecular gastronomy, so parmesan crisps using left over parmesan rinds in the microwave 30 seconds hi ya! Chef Richard Blaze had the most incredible idea for not wasting parmesan cheese rinds. Let me show you how it works. You take your leftover parmesan rinds. Keep them in the freezer, pull them out when you're ready to use them. And you're just going to cut a slice about a half an inch thick. Just like that. And then you're just gonna cut that slice into half-inch pieces. Then go ahead and take those little pieces of cheese rind, put them onto a microwave safe plate. And then you're going to pop this in your microwave for 30 seconds to a minute, and they're going to puff up and they're going to get nice and crispy. I cannot believe that these were once parmesan rind Crispy. It's fluffy. Like little pillows of cheese. It's so crispy. It has an awesome cheese flavor. I cannot wait to serve these. I'm going to put them out on a plate, throw them on top of a salad. These I'm serving at my next party. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Make Cheese Crisps Like Richard Blais