How to Make Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

F&W's Justin Chapple demonstrates how to make the ultimate brunch pastry: Cinnamon rolls with bacon.

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[MUSIC] I'm Justin Chapple from Food and Wine's test kitchen. Join me as I demonstrate Mad Genius Tips. [MUSIC] Ladies and gentlemen, I would love to introduce to you, to the bacon cinnamon roll. Just check this out. You're gonna start with either store bought cinnamon rolls, or you can make your own. And you're going to unroll half of it onto a work surface. And now comes the fun part. We get to add our bacon. I'm going to lay half of it onto the cinnamon roll dough. The reason why I'm only laying half of it on there is because I want The other half of the bacon to be on the outside and get nice and crispy in the oven. Then go ahead and roll it back up. Just like that. Pop it right on your baking sheet, and I'm going to throw this in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes. They're gonna puff up and they're gonna be delicious. [MUSIC] Check out these incredible bacon cinnamon rolls. The bacon on the outside is crispy. The bacon on the inside is melted and flavorful. [MUSIC] I'm gonna make this even more epic. By topping it with some maple syrup. [MUSIC] This is phenomenal. I'm getting the sweet, I'm getting the savory. It's blowing my mind. Mine and my taste buds. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Make Bacon Cinnamon Rolls