How to Make Amazing Soft Serve Ice Cream

ChefSteps shares a simple technique for making amazing soft serve at home, no fancy gadgets required.

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[MUSIC] We're gonna make soft serve ice cream today. Soft serve is a little bit different than other ice creams in that you kind of have to make it instantly and serve it. Other ice creams have a little more stages and you have to store them at certain temperatures. They're a little more finicky. That's why soft serve is actually perfect at home. So I our measurement my formula, I'm gonna throw the blender right on top of the scale, milk, cream. [MUSIC] Sugar. [MUSIC] And looks like a lot of sugar. It is, it's ice cream. Salt, put salt on your ice cream, it'll make it taste better. Vanilla, last thing this is the stuff that makes it nice and smooth and velvety. The milk powder. We gonna bun the heck out of it and it's nice and smooth and it's ready to drink. [SOUND] Dry ice I'm going to need about two pounds, it's pretty cheap that's two bucks a pound at the grocery store. Get a big rag, get a big apron something that you can wrap up the dry ice in. I'm gonna do a little bit at once [SOUND] see, easy. Smash into bits [MUSIC] All right that's plenty for recipe. Nice sandy carbon dioxide bits. Now I turn it the mixer all that looks like is put your basin there Sprinkle in some dry ice little by little over time. It's gonna be cold, colder, colder, colder, colder. So it starts to stiffen up. Once it stiffens up, we're gonna mix it a little bit longer so it's nice and smooth. So when you're making it, it starts to look like a big frothy bubbly milkshake. Don't stress that's just the first stage but once it really gets cold and starts to freeze it'll collapse, it will go back to a nice real smooth soft ceviche. You want to go slow. You can't almost go to slow when you're spring cleaning [UNKNOWN]. You go to fast you're going to boil it over. You just got to keep at it, keep adding more, keep churning. [MUSIC] Looking pretty good. Oh my God! It looks so good. [MUSIC] Soft serve. Soft serve. How about some sprinkles right? [MUSIC] Oh my God, they're so cute. [MUSIC] [NOISE] All about the soft serve. [MUSIC] Just deal with it. [MUSIC] [LAUGHTER] Did I make a stupid face? [LAUGHTER] Can't have Miss Karen eating by her self, so lonely. So salty. It is really salty, yep. But in a good way. In a great way. In a great way. Yep. You look like a little ice cream man with your tuxedo. Roll. Harmony. Whoa. Oh my god. That's the whole thing. Get him to get a brain freeze!
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How to Make Amazing Soft Serve Ice Cream