How to Line a Tart Shell

Nancy Silverton demonstrates how to expertly line a tart shell with pastry dough.

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[MUSIC] Roll the dough around the rolling pin. And then, very carefully, ease it into the ring. Now you don't wanna do is you don't wanna force the dough Into the ring because if you do it will shrink when baking. So lift up the edge, again fingertips with the flat side of your knuckle, ease that dough into the corners of the pastry ring. Now this size, the pastry ring that I've chosen to use today is an eight inch ring. The recipe of dough that I'm giving you is enough for two, ten inch rings. I'm making my tart today. For only five people, and so I've chosen to use a smaller ring. Using the end of the rolling pin, you want to roll it over the ring, which is naturally gonna cut it. I'm holding it at an angle. And this is better than using a knife because when you use a knife, you tend to cut the dough and it cuts off inside the ring as opposed to the outside of the ring. [BLANK_AUDIO] And then quickly just with the Flat part of your thumb, make sure that that crust adheres to the ring. [MUSIC]
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How to Line a Tart Shell