How to Juice Up Out of Season Tomatoes

Melissa Hamilton of Canal House reveals how to make out of season tomatoes super juicy.

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[MUSIC] We have some nice tomatoes, summer always, you know, you have nothing but tomatoes. But if your tomatoes, we have cheated And use tomatoes that a little bit out of season, and if you're doing that, what you wanna do is you can kind of juice up the tomatoes. And so we just cut them ahead of time. And then sometimes when tomatoes aren't the peak of their freshness or their ripeness, really We just add the teeniest sprinkle, teeny, teeny, of sugar to just bring out their sweetness. And then add a little tiny bit of salt, not too much because we don't want the tomatoes to get too juicy which will make the puff pastry soggy. [MUSIC]
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How to Juice Up Out of Season Tomatoes