How to Get Perfect Grill Marks

Chef Rick Bayless reveals how to create perfect grill marks.

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[MUSIC] It's time to grill this marinated tuna. But because there's no oil at all in that garlic and chili mixture that I put on top, I'm going to coat it lightly with oil so that it won't stick immediately to the grill. And I'm going to sprinkle the tuna with a little salt, if you want it to be evenly distributed you want to do that from higher up not close down to the tuna. And then lay it on the grill, salted side down [SOUND] Sprinkle the other side now with a little salt. And then we're going to let these tuna steaks grill for about four or five minutes, untouched. You start trying to move them around now to ensure that they're not sticking. They will be sticking and you'll start to tear up the tuna. So let them just cook for four or five minutes. They'll get those beautiful grill marks on them and then you'll be able to just turn them so nicely cuz they will have released themselves from the grill. I'm gonna close the grill so that they have even cooking heat all around them. [SOUND] I like my tuna medium rare, so I'm going to let them cook only about another minute and then remove them from the fire and I think they're going to be just right. [MUSIC]
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How to Get Perfect Grill Marks