How to Freeze Fresh Herbs Into Flavor Nuggets

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Such a long name for such a quick, easy concept! This simple trick has two benefits: First, you no longer have to guiltily trash leftover fresh herbs that you grew in your garden or bought at Whole Foods for a gazillion dollars. Second, you wind up with a little nugget of herby-fatty flavor that you can toss into the bag with your sous vide steak, melt over fresh pasta or soup, fold into eggs, and so on and so forth.

Just chop up some herbs—Thai basil, mint, sage, fenugreek, rosemary, whatever. You could even mix ’em up to create a signature house nugget, an herbes de Provence nugg, say, or a mezze blend. Sprinkle those herbs generously into the squares of an ice cube tray, then pour oil—olive, sesame, flaxseed—or melted butter on top. Freeze, and forget about them until the next time you need a flavor agent in a flash. And that’s it, people. That’s all you have to do. Less waste, more flavah, smiles all around.

Fresh herbs
Some sorta fat you like
An ice cube tray

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[MUSIC] Here's a fun tip to incorporate flavor to anything that you're wanting to cook on the fly. Pork chops, chicken, steaks. All you have to do is take extra herbs that are lying around in your fridge, pop them into an ice cube tray, add oil, freeze it. Once it's frozen, transfer them in a ziplock bag, mason jars, whatever you want and label them. Save them for two months. Pop those cubes out whenever you them them, one at a time, ten at a time. Grab them on the fly, throw them in a ziplock bag if you're cooking sous vide. Throw them into a pan with your steak and baste it. Incorporate that flavor and make it amazing. [NOISE] [MUSIC]
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How to Freeze Fresh Herbs Into Flavor Nuggets