How to Fill Your Peppermill

Deputy Test Kitchen Editor Justin Chapple shows us a Mad Genius Tip for keeping peppercorns contained.

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There is no substitute for freshly ground pepper but getting these in there can be a nightmare. But not if you have this mad genius tip. [MUSIC] One of my biggest pet peeves is filling a pepper mill. The reason? It's because when you try to get all these little peppercorns into this little hole, they start to go everywhere. One minute, they're on the counter. The next minute, they're on the floor, and two weeks later on your way to the fridge, you step on one. And that really hurts. But I've got a trick that's gonna save you the hassle. And it all comes down to this. large, resealable plastic bag. What I like to do, Is store the peppercorns right in the bag. But the best part is when I go to refill the pepper mill, I stick it right in the bag with the peppercorns, and then I just use my fingers and I scatter them right on top. And they either fall into the pepper mill, or they go right into the bag. Give it a little shake Close it up. [MUSIC] And there you have a perfectly, cleanly, neatly filled pepper mill, plus these pepper corns can go right back in the pantry, where they're gonna stay fresher longer. Fresher longer, sounds like a jingle, fresher longer.
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How to Fill Your Peppermill