How to Cut Cake Layers with Dental Floss: Sponsored by Lindt

F&W Test Kitchen whiz Justin Chapple demos a genius trick for cutting cake layers with dental floss.

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I'm Justin Chapple from Food and Wine's test kitchen. Join me as I demonstrate mad genius tips. [MUSIC] With this mad genius tip Tip, you'll be an expert at cutting layer cake in half. And the trick to this tip, [SOUND], dental floss. The first thing you should do is start with a ruler and a little bowl of toothpicks. What we're gonna do is I'll find the center of the cake. And right in the middle you're gonna put a toothpick and you're gonna wanna put it in half way, just like that. And continue to put your toothpicks all the way around that way you can use the toothpicks to guide your dental floss. So now. You're going to take your piece of dental floss and what I want you to do is wrap it all the way around the cake just like this. Lay it on top of your toothpicks. [MUSIC] Now I'm gonna take the two ends and cross them And you're gonna pull them with steady pressure and this motion is actually what's gonna cut the cake. [MUSIC] So now I'm gonna remove all the toothpicks from my cake and I'm gonna grab a second piece of parchment paper And now for the tricky part is separating your layers. I'm going to use an offset spatula. You can use a regular spatula, it's just this is gonna give your a little bit more surface area, and you're gonna slide it in between the cake layers. Gently but firmly lay your hand on top of the cake and in one quick motion we're gonna flip it. Check it out, we have two perfectly even pieces of layer cake. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Anthony Giulio, Food and Wine expert and educator. People often ask me to pair wine with premium chocolate. So if I'm drinking a fruity red, like this Pinot Noir, Lindt's Excellence with a touch of sea salt is a great choice. The dark chocolate with fleur de sel intensifies the depth of the wine, and together, you have a perfect pairing. Pure, rich, intense, refined. [MUSIC]
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How to Cut Cake Layers with Dental Floss: Sponsored by Lindt