How to Cook Vegetables Perfectly Every Time

ChefSteps reveals a fast, fool-proof way to get your vegetables just right every time.

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Veggies, cooking veggies at home should be really straightforward. It should be easy. To get super vibrant, super gorgeous healthy vegetables, it's going to sound crazy, but use a microwave. Microwaves interact with water molecules and vegetables are loaded with water. So what happens is they basically cook themselves. You don't need to pack a bunch of water around them. You end up with the most beautiful, vibrant, nutritious flavorful vegetables in less than a minute almost every single time. It's a really straightforward process, you take the vegetables, cut them up in about equal sizes so they cook evenly. Put a little bit of plastic wrap over the bowl. Pop it on microwave for about 30 seconds to 60 seconds depending on the vegetable, things like carrots take a little bit longer Take them out of the microwave. Beautifully cooked vegetables super quick. You're gonna add a little chili, garlic, olive oil. Season them however you would normally. Mm I don't know. This is the best thing we've made all day. It's amazing. Super fresh. The microwave does crazy things. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Cook Vegetables Perfectly Every Time