How to Cook Octopus Like Mario Batali

The chef reveals the secret to cooking octopus like a pro.

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[SOUND] I also have here these baby octopus which I love. And you can get them fresh sometimes from Greece or Italy in the seafood markets. Or you can get them frozen from Greece or Italy or also from Southeast Asian. They're delicious frozen. They do hold well when they ship. What I like to do is cook them, I take them right out fo the frozen package if they were frozen Right out of the fresh box if they weren't and I would just throw them in the water with one of these, it's a by-product of consuming wine. It's a cork, what the enzymes in the cork do I'm not really sure as a scientist, but I can guarantee you that as a gastronome they make it cook a little bit less before it becomes absolutely tender. So as much as it seems like it might be just a little old wife's tale, this is one old wife I might listen to. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Cook Octopus Like Mario Batali