How to Cook Mussels Like Mario Batali

Mario Batali explains how to cook mussels perfectly and how to remove them from the shell for seafood salad.

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[BLANK_AUDIO] The mussels, you just cook until their open. Aggressively open, not just poking open. We're not so much worried about them not being ripe. If one wasn't open, don't however try to pry it up and beat it open, because it may be what we call a sand puppy What should be a disaster. Now, the mussels themselves, come with an excellent extraction device, called the other shell. [LAUGH] Take it like that, pull it off like that, and it's perfect, right? Go like that, take it off like that. And it cuts it off. But if you're really in a kitchen, you don't use that tricky trick, cuz we're in a hurry. So we just pull these babies off and get them the hell out of the way, because somebody overbooked us tonight. And we're trying to figure out what the hell we're gonna do about this. [LAUGH] We're 30 orders of seafood salad, Soren, it's 4:30. Who's gonna bump and run here? So basically you can move them a lot more quickly. Be careful though, however, not to crush or break the shell. It's important to keep the actual piece of meat whole and the shell not to crack so much inside it. If I tore one like I did on that one I would actually discard it. Or I would put it into some sauce to make it into a vinaigrette.
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How to Cook Mussels Like Mario Batali