How to Cook Calamari

Mario Batali explains the two best ways to cook squid so that it's tender and flavorful—and what wines to pair with it.

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[BLANK_AUDIO] The worst crime you could make in making this kind of a dish is overcooking your encephalopods, the clamares followed by the rule of one minute or one hour. If you cook them for one minute They're delicious and tender and have the flavor of the top of the sea. If you cook them for one hour they're delicious and flavorful but have that murky kind of bottom of the sea flavor. Which is also good but it's just a different kind of complex flavor. If you're pairing wine with them The one-minute calamari go with nice, light white wines or even kind of a heavy-bodied white one. The one-hour calamari tend to go with something that's maybe along the lines of a light Chianti or a medium-bodied red wine. So when thinking about that when you're making your decisions. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Cook Calamari