How to Control Flare-Ups for Better Grilled Meats

Never burn your burgers again. In this video, ChefSteps shares the trick to controlling flare-ups while grilling.

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Whenever you have something on the grill usually there is a little moisture, fat coming out of it, and sometimes that causes flare-up. What a flare-up actually is is is fat dripping onto coals or embers you get this burst of actual fire right. A little bit of that is good because that's where a lot of your grilling flavor comes from But too much flare-up, not so awesome. You get a bunch of soot, ash. You can even burn food with it. So folks who have been grilling and barbecuing a long time, they've got this really awesome trick that I just love. I actually learned it from my dad, a long time ago. Take a Spray bottle. Fill it with water, wine, I know my favorite is beer because I can spray it on everything. I spray it on the food, I sprayed a little bit in my mouth since it's hot out. Just to have that handy on the side, so whenever you have flare ups or even on the food, you give it a quick spray to put out the fire. Super easy trick, and you can just always have it by your side. It's ready whenever you need it. [MUSIC] Brian, you're eating this. [LAUGH] Quickly. So stupid? [LAUGH] I don't why we don't just stop ChefSteps and just open up a burger joint. And just quit it all. Quit it all. [NOISE] We should talk about that on Monday. My god, I thought that I couldn't eat any more burgers. Did you have one? [CROSSTALK] Holy ****, you know.
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How to Control Flare-Ups for Better Grilled Meats