How to Choose Salt for Cooking

Mario Batali explains how to choose the right salt for every dish.

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[SOUND] And the best way to make your food taste like an Italian would is to identify all of your pantry ingredients and think, does this taste better than the next one? Even to the salt. Go find which salt you think has a taste that makes something unique. Because it's in every dish, it's going to be part of every dish. And if you're just using the salt that Pour as well when it rains or whatever. I didn't even remember those [UNKNOWN]. That's not a bad salt, it's just not a very individual salt. It's not very unique salt. It's not the salt of privilege. It's not a salt of [UNKNOWN] process. It's salty. I think that's enough. That's all right. But if you're looking for mineral c flavor then use a Sicilian sea salt. Or even one form the Af country. One form Tunisia. Find one that's delicious And then when you taste you say hey that taste better than the other salt Cuz that's gonna effectively change the way your food tastes, and it's in your pantry ingredients that lies all of that trick. That's where everything happens, and understanding that the most important thing you can do after today is to go home, address your spice cabinet, and dispose of everything in it. Because you haven't made chicken tikka masala since 1994.
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How to Choose Salt for Cooking