How to Choose Olive Oil Like Mario Batali

Batali explains how he picks out different Italian olive oils for different dishes.

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When you're talking about your pantry ingredients maybe you should buy some things from the region you want. If you want to make a dish from (Puglia/g), buy stuff from (Puglia/g), the key of that of course is extra virgin olive oil. I'm using a Ligurian oil, with that said, find one that you like the taste of, go to a store that allows you to taste, if they don't allow you to taste, find another store, because tasting is the crucial component of understanding what great food is. And the best way to make your food taste like an Italian would is to identify all of your pantry ingredients and think, does this taste better than the next one? [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Choose Olive Oil Like Mario Batali