How to Choose Cooking Wine Like Mario Batali

Mario Batali explains how to choose the best cooking wine.

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[SOUND] Then I'm gonna take some white wine. And I'm gonna drop it in. And we're effectively going to steam them. Now there's always the question, what wine do I use for cooking? It's so important, and so, what do I gotta do? I've read that you can't use this wine, you gotta use that wine. Of course you know the regular rule, use whichever wine is leftover from the meal the night before. Who has wine in this room leftover, [LAUGH] from the night before? [LAUGH] Our decision isn't whether we're going to carefully cork this 2/3 bottle and put it back into the refrigerator, it's whether should we start opening a new bottle right now before dinner gets going on? So I like to use the wine that I like to start drinking with. That's the way I look at it. It's never left over wine, it's the first wine of the day. So think in terms of a lightly, slightly acidic, beautiful, fresh wine that you really like. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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How to Choose Cooking Wine Like Mario Batali