How to Check Meat For Doneness

Chef Daniel Patterson reveals a smart trick for checking meat for doneness.

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[MUSIC] When I first started dating my wife, the idea of how you judge doneness of meat was you would cook it, put it on a plate, cut it in half, look at it. If she wanted to cook it more she would just throw it back in the pan, so leaking juices and it was kind of, it was terrible. So I kinda convinced her That you can judge meat. And what I'm gonna do is as these things are ready, I'm gonna put them right in here. And so the juice is going to drip into the marinade a little bit and it'll kind of mix with all of the seasoning to help glaze it. So basically, the way you can judge is just by By touching the meat to see what it feels like. So, traditionally what people say is if you touch this part of your hand, and there is no pressure at all, that is kind of like rare. And if you kind of go like this and give a little pressure, that's like kind of medium. So actually It translates pretty well. And if you kinda of do it over a period of time, kinda learn the relationship, then it's pretty easy to tell when something's done. So this is solidly medium. Everything's nicely browned, not really blackened. [MUSIC]
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How to Check Meat For Doneness